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Officina Baglietto: why being part of it

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Baglietto: Enter the most exclusive context in the world

Baglietto shipowners are among the greatest entrepreneurs and businesspeople on the contemporary scene. The students of Officina Baglietto will have the opportunity to be introduced to this exclusive network, through the inclusion of their respective work in a magazine dedicated to Baglietto clients, and through the great boat shows that each year bring Baglietto to the beaches of Cannes or Monaco.

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Connections: create your network with the best professionals

Baglietto is synonymous with excellence and, as such, a centralizer of illustrious, emblazoned and prestigious professionals on the contemporary scientific and cultural scene. By attending Officina Baglietto, students will have the opportunity to meet the masters of design and the best-known names in contemporary creativity.

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Career opportunities: connect your creativity with one of the most renowned brands in the world

The work of Officina Baglietto students is geared toward bringing to life exclusive collections reserved for shipowners or fans of the group. Through the school, Baglietto intends to identify students with whom to pursue a collaboration and marketing process of related design lines.

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The format: live a comprehensive and fascinating learning experience

By taking part in Officina Baglietto students will have the opportunity to live a comprehensive and insightful experience according to a series of sequential steps comprising learning skills, applying such know-how to a real project, prototyping items and eventually launching them on the market.

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Places: visit and experience the locations of the international jet set

Attending Officina Baglietto will mean treading the soil that has always hosted some of the world’s most famous designers and shipowners. In the shadow of the Baglietto shipyards, young designers will find unprecedented inspiration and meeting opportunities in the context of the Ligurian coast in one of the most magnificent and picturesque destinations of the international jet set.

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Training Courses

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